Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm a fantasy football player!!!

First I have to say SORRY to all of my peeps for being late this week. Some of my craft schedules didn't work with my blogging schedule so I got behind. I will have my personal assistant, Mom, make sure that doesn't happen again in the future!

So this week Dad invited me into the world of Fantasy Football! He said we were going to join a league and play the family and a few of my BFF's...Lauren, Carl & Jenn. He said I needed to study hard though if I wanted to do good, so I busted out the Sports Illustrated FFB (that's Fantasy Football for you non-players) I named my team the Lucy Skyhawks. I will keep everyone posted on my weekly results and the plight of my fellow league members.

Oh my gosh, there is so much to learn here. By the way they talk in this magazine there is more than picking a few names. I hope Jenn is studying because I am coming prepared! She is going down!!!

Man, this is getting a little overwhelming! I bet Carl is freaking out right now with all this information overload...He's going to get CRUSHED.

So now it is draft night....So I thought I would get into the spirit and threw on this Colts cheerleaders outfit and show Lauren I mean business. Her team is terrible, you might as well drop out now sister!!!

Then Dad saw what I was wearing and it did not go over well at all! He said if I was going to wear that outfit I needed to know a few things first. He began to tell me all about the Cleveland Browns and the rich history they have. Kinda like my team is going to have compared to Mom's team. Does she even know what a football is? Probably not by the looks of who she drafted!

He then brought out his autographed 1989 Cleveland Brown football and showed me Bernie Kosar's signature. His Dad bought that for him at his first ever football game when he was a kid. Bernie is Dad's all-time favorite player. The Browns beat down the Houston Oiler's in that game like I am going to beat down my big brother Kevin in this thing. He might play football, but he is going to get schooled on the fantasy grid iron!

So now that Dad shared some of this history with me I ran back to my room and now I was ready to REALLY set the mood......Go BROWNS!!!

So with that said, who do you think will win this league? Vote on this weeks poll!
Thanks again for being so patient with the blog this week. Now that I know Christmas is the favorite holiday of my fans I will make sure there is a GREAT blog for that week.
Until next week, Lucy Sky is OUT


  1. Lucy you know that the Colts are the stuff! The Browns not so much so I would listen to you mother! Your always supposed to listen to her because she will somehow always be right!

  2. Where did you get that Colts outfit? Thats just not right. You need a Purdue football outfit instead. Aunt Brooke

  3. I LOVE that I got some votes for winning the draft...not sure how realistic it is, but I still love my peeps!

    Lucy - I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to trash talk your mama! Let's remember that you're not strong enough to open the fridge by yourself yet!

    Love you still,

  4. Lu, it's cute that you're getting into FF with us this year!! Don't want you to be sad when the Jock's dominate the competition, remember - it's just a game! :)