Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh, the Places I'll Go!

We'll here I am, starting the real blog! Dad said if I was going to do this I had to do it right. So he got me up early this week to talk over my plans during breakfast. I was a little groggy at first, but after eating his cereal (after my own breakfast) I was ready to go. Man drinking milk off a spoon is hard!

He said since I am such a tech savvy kid maybe I ought to start out by searching the web for ideas. Boy was he right, you can find anything here. A lot of typing and reading.

Even with all the web stuff though I still wasn't sure about what I wanted to do here. So Dad suggested I do it the old fashioned way and go to the library to look for ideas.

Before we could go to the library though we had to go to the store to see Joan since she is back from vacation. While we were there Dad found the coolest invention ever! A bowl with a built in straw!!! I'll never drip milk again :)

Am I glad we went to the library. I found this book by that guy Grandma said Dad wasn't allowed to have as a kid, some Doctor. It was called "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

I got so excited about all the adventures coming my way

and couldn't help think of what jobs I might do someday.

Then I saw another one of his books about running a zoo

and thought maybe I should read that one too,

you know...just in case that is something I'll want to do.

(Oh boy, I think I am starting to see why grandma didn't want those books around!)

Since I liked the zoo book so much Dad decided to teach me a little about bugs & dinosaurs with some puzzles we found.

After all that brain exercise we decided we were getting hungry. Dad said I could pick where we ate. So I picked McDONALD'S! I hear all the kids talk about these Happy Meals and I really wanted to try one. So he let me!!! Although I thought something was wrong with mine at first. There were no fries, no Dr. had apples and milk! WHAT IS HAPPY ABOUT THAT?!?!

Dad said if I really think about it though, my body will be much happier down the road and so would Mommy. I just looked at him like "Dad, don't try to feed me that, those kids with fries and pop look pretty darn happy to me!"

Then I found something to make me happy, my new friend Chili! He was in the Happy Meal box. I can't stop kissing him.

So now that I am inspired I decided to try out a bunch of jobs around the house to see if I liked anything and I can start practicing for my future. Now when I was on the web I read things about this guy named Joe the Plumber and thought I would give that a try.

That's not going to work! Then I decided maybe I could help that guy who cuts our yard and Dad can pay me!

That is WAY harder than it looks...and it's HOT!
So I decided I was done trying to grow up so fast and I need to start getting ready for my trip to Indiana to take on Grandpa Mike in cards. Look out Grand Pa, I am serious!

Now I know I can't end this blog without answering the question to last weeks poll. First, I must tell everyone how happy I was that you voted. Thank you so much! From my fans perspective the favorite snack was cheesy poofs! Mom voted twice for goldfish so it wasn't really a tie like it said.
However, from my perspective it wasn't like that. Dad put all four snack on one tray and I picked the SLIM JIM first and foremost! Second thing I went for was Cheesy poofs then teddy grahams.

The goldfish on the other hand, well let's just say I shared those with my buddy pancake :)

Thanks for checking in this week and don't forget to vote for next weeks poll. I got the idea from my Joe the plumber job. It's a good one, but it also is a VERY important one!

Until next weeks adventure...Lucy Sky...OUT!!!


  1. Now Lucy, if you eat slim jims, you should be able to eat french fries. We are so happy you are enjoying the library, but leave the lawn mowing and plumbing to dad!

  2. Lucy that was a big adventure but you learned alot except for the slim jim part. Cant wait to see your adventures for the next wk! Love you!

  3. Slim Jims are the best!! A true Mikolajczyk!! Stay away from that Dr. He's nuts!!

    Grama Mary Ann

  4. Oh Lucy! I completely forgot to add your blog to my reader and I have been missing it...for A MONTH!

    So, bare with me as I catch up. Sad for Goldfish to lose. I love those things!