Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spending Time with the Family

This week was all about relaxing with the family instead of epic adventures. Sometimes you gotta slow it down a bit Mom says.
So early this week Mom and I got together in the kitchen and made smoothies! They were yummy! Mom says good for me too, but I think she put ice cream in hers and that doesn't sound to healthy to me.

Then later, for snack time, Mom thought I was now ready to eat my bananas like a monkey! This is so much fun!!! Dad said wait until I get to eat mashed taters like a piggy. (Like in that Christmas movie he makes us all watch every year.)

Then my big brother Kevin showed up. I love him! I followed him everywhere. After I got done with my breakfast I thought maybe he needed my help too. I just can't stop staring at him.

Then Kevin was going to wash the new van, so I thought I would tag along and help him. I just gotta do whatever he is doing....he is so interesting!

Hmmmm.....what do I do with all this stuff?

This is pretty fun!

Maybe, just maybe, if I stand on the sponge the car will get cleaner!

After all that hard work outside I talked Kev into watching a baby Einstein movie. He wasn't as into as I was. Baby Einstein ROCKS!

Then he had to leave. Bye Kev...See you next week!

Well Kev is gone, Mom went to Bible Dad and I walked to the store to see my peeps! They were so happy to see me they didn't give me one, not two, not three but FOUR raspberry donut holes! I love those guys! Dad only let me have one though.
Then we got home and I changed clothes. Dad, we are having so much fun together just me and you..can I have one more????

Then I was showing Pancake what I had and how good it was and he TOOK it... :(


Mmmmm.....raspberry jelly!

Don't forget the milk!

Dad, I won't even tell Mom we did this just before bed...I Love you man! What a great and relaxing week.

Lastly, Thanks to all the Dog lovers out there! My Pancake dog is the best and I really don't mind sharing my donut with him. What I need to know now about my readers is what is your favorite Holiday? I know mine!!!
Lucy Sky...OUT!!!


  1. You work hard when kev is around! you sure did tire him out though. We are having homemade milk shakes when you come to Indiana.
    Aunt Brooke

  2. Hmmm she is quite the worker.....I may need a carwash in October....

  3. It takes alot of talent to stand on a sponge!

  4. So cute - you have such a fun familyy Lu!!

    I'm wondering how you're going to use your standing on stuff talent - horses, sponges...what's nexttt!?!