Friday, November 27, 2009

The Game, Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Well last weekend was a BIG weekend for a number of reasons. Everyone knows about the BIG Game and how important it is. The balance of the world depends on it. You know...the whole good and evil thing!

So to watch the game this year I thought I would take it up a notch! First, I had to get a new tattoo. This year a Brutus and went for the arm. Check out my tat!

Next, the traditional diaper...everyone knows I didn't really want to say poop. :)

This is the step up this year...I told Dad make it Scarlet Red like the mighty Buckeyes. Dad you did a GREAT job with this.

So we went to the Swider's house and I got to watch the game with my BFF.

Man this is intense!

OH NO...Michigan just scored...:(

Don't worry BFF, The Bucks will pull it out, I just know it.

Yes, The Buckeyes WIN!!!

Now, up to Yesterday, Thanksgiving. We had lots of friends and family over. Uncle "T" was here too. He even brought special head gear to pay homage to the first Thanksgiving. Really "T" are you serious with this?

Clearly those "special drinks" not served at the kids table had something to do with this.

He even brought one for my cousin Megan. One little, two little Indians!

This is my Aunt Michelle. Dad said for years she has always wanted to sit at the adult table, however, since she had more kids than anyone there, she was elected as the Adult to sit with the kids to make sure we behaved. Notice how keen she was on the fact that I fed my buddy Pancake with my own fork...he deserves to eat too! All in all a good day, but I got to get some rest for BLACK FRIDAY!

Well, Here I am. Camping out for my first Black Friday with Dad. Gotta say...overrated.

Once inside it was pure chaos! I decided to head right for the newborn memory book and make my first purchase for my Baby Brother Bryan...he's not here yet, but will be soon and wanted him to have all the tools he needed to succeed.

Can't reach real well, maybe if I step up on the shelf and climb like a monkey that would work better.

After I found him the perfect memory book I went to the kids section. Man, how do people really go Christmas shopping and not buy themselves stuff. Dad, look at all the cool kids books! You want me to be a good reader don't you?!?!

And what about this wooden train set, you want me to develop my creativity and imagination, don't you Dad?!?!

Finally, Dad said it was time to go. I was glad to get out of there. It will wear a kid out.

After all that work Dad decided we needed an energy boost. So we went to Planet Smoothie for an Acai Berry blast. Got to love anti-oxidants! (I told Dad that was a good one and Aunt Brooke would be so proud of me for not getting a slushy at twisty treat instead like I do with Mom all the time.)

Where do you like to go shopping on black Friday? Check out this weeks poll....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Game...A flashback

OK....or should I say O-H! Yes it's that time of year again.. The Game takes place this week. It's been a slow week here, so I thought I would bring everyone's attention to the fact the OSU is so much better then that "school to the north."

First we start with a picture from Dad's recent trip to Ohio where he saw them play. Look at the band...The best Darn Band in the Land!

Here is a pic from earlier in the year with me and my BFF watching some buckeye but whooping.

Here is me and family getting ready for a big game. The Buckeyes make families happy. That other school has a funny smell to it Dad says.

Me and my first tat!

Check out those slippers...Go Bucks!

Me and Dad cheering on the Bucks!

a blast from the and my BFF watching our very OSU vs TSFTN game. POOP ON MICHIGAN!

Next week we will have details from our party and also will have special visitors to The Hotel Lucy! Check back then. No poll this week since this is kinda like a re-run.....well OK, a small poll..What do you like better than Michigan? He he!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paging Dr. Lucy

So if you didn't know, Dad had to have some surgery this last weekend. With Mom being 9 months pregnant someone was going to have to step up to the plate and take care of him when he got home.

So I got the call when Mom was bringing him home and got straight to work!

Dad had some great nurses and they sent home a kit for me to use so that I had the right tools. I dug right in.

Ummm, I am supposed to do what with this????

Now I know you need to cover you hair, but this is a little overkill, don't you think?

Wait, WHY do I gotta cover up, he's the sick one!?!?

OK, time to get serious, deep breath please...

Do you have a fever?...Better check that too, hold still please.

Dad, I know this is going to hurt, but I am doing this because I love you. (That's what you say when I get a'll think twice before you that BS again, won't you!)

Now that your checked out, you gotta stay warm. Get these hospital socks on. You don't want to get sicker do ya? I don't care if it is 85 out, put on the socks!

Because Dad was such a good patient he gets a reward...grapes with me and puppy and a little dose of Elmo.

Get some rest Dad. I love you!

Now when Dad gets sick, his FAVORITE sick food is fried chicken. I know, sounds gross, but that's his thing. How about you? This weeks poll is about what food makes you feel better when your not feeling well? (If you pick other please leave a comment so I know what it is. Trust me, you don't have to feel weird about what it is, Dad's is FRIED CHICKEN...GROSS!