Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Game...A flashback

OK....or should I say O-H! Yes it's that time of year again.. The Game takes place this week. It's been a slow week here, so I thought I would bring everyone's attention to the fact the OSU is so much better then that "school to the north."

First we start with a picture from Dad's recent trip to Ohio where he saw them play. Look at the band...The best Darn Band in the Land!

Here is a pic from earlier in the year with me and my BFF watching some buckeye but whooping.

Here is me and family getting ready for a big game. The Buckeyes make families happy. That other school has a funny smell to it Dad says.

Me and my first tat!

Check out those slippers...Go Bucks!

Me and Dad cheering on the Bucks!

a blast from the past...me and my BFF watching our very OSU vs TSFTN game. POOP ON MICHIGAN!

Next week we will have details from our party and also will have special visitors to The Hotel Lucy! Check back then. No poll this week since this is kinda like a re-run.....well OK, a small poll..What do you like better than Michigan? He he!


  1. What was the score of the OSU/Purdue game?

  2. Can you also tell me what the score was of the OSU/USC game? Hmmfff....