Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Made It!

Well this is my first Christmas season where I am actually getting into the whole thing. Last year I was a little young I have to admit. If you recall a few blog posts ago Dad took me out shopping on Black Friday and that was CRAZY! Well, now he decided it was time for me to go see the man...Santa...just a few days before Christmas. Black Friday has got nothing on this mayhem.

So we decided to go to Bass Pro to meet the man and his deer. This place is HUGE! "Excuse me sir, can you tell me where I can find Santa?"

Now following Frosty's advice, and a few pointers from my uncle Matt who is the best hunter in the world, I decided to follow the deer droppings until I came across Donner and Blitzen. If I found them, I knew Santa had to be right around the corner.

Sure enough, we found him! (Thanks uncle Matt for teaching me those superior tracking skills.) So My bro Kevin, meat head and I all headed up to get our picture. Now I elected to sit on Kevin's lap, not Santa's..I'll tell you why. All the time since I was born everyone tells me that I shouldn't except candy from strangers and sitting on a strange old mans lap is inappropriate. So then come the holidays and at Halloween I am SUPPOSED to go up to strangers and ask for candy and now you want me to go sit on his lap? I got my limits people. Nuff said.

Next we decide to walk around and do some shopping. I must say I did find a few items I liked. Now this is something I can get used to.

It feels good and all, handles well, but it just isn't me......

Aaaahhhh this is what I am talking about. It's functional AND stylish!

Like I said, this place was crazy busy. This lady tried to come up and get all in my business and take my ride. I was like "Back off lady, these are my wheelz!"

Since I was at Bass Pro and I wanted to make sure Santa found his way to my house I thought the best way to do so was to set some bait for them there deer so they would be attracted to the house. Some HotSpot and Full Draw should do it.

Better add a salt lick just to be safe!

On a side note, this is when I decided it would be best we leave. He doesn't look to friendly.

So the deer are taken care of, now for the fat man. Kevin said we need to make a plate of fresh cookies for him and put out some milk. He said he would help show me and he did. I love him!

These look great! I would fly around the world for them too if I must say so myself.

So before I went off to bed I wanted to tidy up a bit. You know, because when you let a strange man who has kids sit in his lap all day come into your house in the middle of the night after everyone is asleep, you want the place to look good.

So off I went to bed. The next morning I woke up and...."Kevin! You gotta see this! The cookies are all gone!!!"

"Hurry, follow me...the stockings!"

My stocking was filled with all kinds of great stuff. Starburst gummies, jolly rancher lip stuff and some candy stick that looks like lip gloss. I love it! Good job Santa!

Then Kevin gave me a present he got for me. A 101 Dalmatian movie and stuffed animal. Thanks Bro!

So while we opened our presents, I snacked on those gummies and became consumed by "A Christmas Story" Dad loves that show...."It's a major award!"

Later Uncle T stopped by. All I gotta say is wow! Now these are some wheels! Does he know me or what!?!?

I must say, it turned out to be a pretty good day. Here's to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

No poll this week. Just enjoy the Holiday.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well it is that time of year to spread some Christmas cheer. So I thought I would do something special for my peeps at Publix. They always take such good care of me I should do the same for them this year.

So I got my Christmas thinking cap on and decided to make them some pictures to help decorate their areas. First some construction paper and fun crayon colors.

Next, I need to get the glue down. Yes I said glue. Never used it before but Dad says what is a Christmas picture without glue annnnndddddd.......


Wow! This is WAY messier than I thought it would be. Does anyone ever get the glitter totally pick-up? Anyhow....TA DA, a masterpiece!

Now I got start filling those stockings. Everyone gets peanut butter cups, York patties and Hershey Kisses.

What's a stocking without some candy canes? Boring I tell ya!

HHHMMMMM....does this stocking really need a candy cane?

Maybe not! Mmmmmmm...candy canes!

Now it is off to see my peeps. First i stop by the coffee gang and give them some chocolates to go with their morning coffee. These guys are cool. Dad says he can't wait to get older and sit every morning down at Publix drinking free coffee and "BS-ing" with the gang. OK dad, weirdo.

Then I stop by the deli to see Mrs. Joyce. She gets me a slice of chicken every Saturday morning. So I give her a picture and some bags of goodies. She was very excited.

Then it is off to the bakery to see Mrs Joan and the gang. I could hardly stand it. "Hey guys! I come bearing gifts!"

Here's you picture too!

Now what do you have for me?!?! Mmmmm, double fisting butter cream at 8 in the morning! I love it!

Merry Christmas Publix gang! I love you guys!

For this weeks poll, I wanna know what is your favorite stocking stuffer? Check back on the big day. I will be doing a special midweek post for this years festivities. HO HO HO!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome Home Meat Head, I mean Bryan

As you all know this week my baby brother Meat Head, I mean Bryan, was born. Mom doesn't like me saying that, but I call it like I see it. Sorry.

Anyhow, when I woke up Thursday I was so excited because I was finally going to get to meet the meat head! (Get the meat head..hehe, I crack myself up!)

Mom says you need to be very careful with new babies so I thought it would be best if I got some practice in before he got here. Come on doll, let's get you fed and changed.

I am so nervous, I hope he likes me! I can hardly stand it.

Well, he made it home. This is Dad showing him to me. Got to say, I had to do a double take. He looked a little weird to me.

So I FINALLY get to hold him. All went well with day one. He's a little squishy, but all in all, I think I like him.

OK, I do. I'll give him a little smooch so he knows and doesn't understand grown-up talk yet.

So day two at home is here and I get to hold him again. Then all of the sudden...UUMMMM do you smell that too? Out of no where...this overwhelming smell...WHAT IS THAT?!?! HE did that?!?!

So Mom got him all cleaned up and I decided we needed to have a talk about this. Seriously kid, if you want to be friends with me you gotta knock that off. No one likes to smell that stuff. Got it?



Then this time Grandma got him cleaned up and I felt bad for yelling at him like that. So she decided we all needed a group hug. That helped. Thanks Wanie!

So after all the drama Aunt Brooke said "why don't we all just sit down and snuggle for a little bit?" Good idea Aunt Brooke. So I grabbed a cotton ball, the blanket and Meat Head. I love to snuggle. :)

I also decided I needed to spend some Elmo time with my Bro Kevin. Me & him have a pretty good bond when it comes to this stuff. Plus he doesn't stink like the other one.

So then we all took a group photo. I love my brothers! Thanks for hanging with me guys.

For this weeks poll I need to get some insight into whats worse about these baby things. So help me out and vote! Well, gotta go get ready for Grandpa Mike, he's landing in an hour or so and gotta pick him up and feed him breakfast.

Later Peeps!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas trees, Grandma & Bryan

So I know no one really cares about my week thus far, everyone wants to know about Bryan, Well, tough..this is my show! I haven't even got to meet the meat head yet. Maybe tomorrow. In the mean time here is a quick pic of him. Now onto Grandma!

I love when she is here.

She even brought me new big girl toys and some new kicks. She's the best...or so I thought...

Then she wanted to "play" outside and next thing you know I am like Cinderella...washing tables and junk. Nice...

Then we went for a walk. Only problem is Wanie needed help getting the wagon through the yard, so she made me GET OUT AND PUSH!!! Nice...

After such a big morning Wanie had Dad make a big breakfast for us so we could get started on our next big project...The Tree!

First thing Wanie says to do is fluff those branches. She was right, this is going to be tough work.

Then we needed to get the lights out. Mom needed to help me with this though. I am not allowed to play with electricity. If you have never sorted tree lights your not missing anything. I think Mom and Dad need to get one of those pre-lit fancy trees.

Grandma had me put on this hat to get into the Christmas spirit. I am so cool! Now for the fun stuff.

Now time to get to the real work. Gotta get those decorations on the tree. Get outta my way people.

AHHH, the perfect decoration...ELMO!!!!

AHHH...."FRAAAAGIIIIILLLEEE...Must be Italian!" Who doesn't love a leg lamp on Christmas?

And that brings me to this weeks poll...What is your favorite Christmas Movie of ALL-Time?