Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well it is that time of year to spread some Christmas cheer. So I thought I would do something special for my peeps at Publix. They always take such good care of me I should do the same for them this year.

So I got my Christmas thinking cap on and decided to make them some pictures to help decorate their areas. First some construction paper and fun crayon colors.

Next, I need to get the glue down. Yes I said glue. Never used it before but Dad says what is a Christmas picture without glue annnnndddddd.......


Wow! This is WAY messier than I thought it would be. Does anyone ever get the glitter totally pick-up? Anyhow....TA DA, a masterpiece!

Now I got start filling those stockings. Everyone gets peanut butter cups, York patties and Hershey Kisses.

What's a stocking without some candy canes? Boring I tell ya!

HHHMMMMM....does this stocking really need a candy cane?

Maybe not! Mmmmmmm...candy canes!

Now it is off to see my peeps. First i stop by the coffee gang and give them some chocolates to go with their morning coffee. These guys are cool. Dad says he can't wait to get older and sit every morning down at Publix drinking free coffee and "BS-ing" with the gang. OK dad, weirdo.

Then I stop by the deli to see Mrs. Joyce. She gets me a slice of chicken every Saturday morning. So I give her a picture and some bags of goodies. She was very excited.

Then it is off to the bakery to see Mrs Joan and the gang. I could hardly stand it. "Hey guys! I come bearing gifts!"

Here's you picture too!

Now what do you have for me?!?! Mmmmm, double fisting butter cream at 8 in the morning! I love it!

Merry Christmas Publix gang! I love you guys!

For this weeks poll, I wanna know what is your favorite stocking stuffer? Check back on the big day. I will be doing a special midweek post for this years festivities. HO HO HO!

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  1. you are so thoughtful Lucy! Merry Christmas to you and your peeps.