Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas trees, Grandma & Bryan

So I know no one really cares about my week thus far, everyone wants to know about Bryan, Well, tough..this is my show! I haven't even got to meet the meat head yet. Maybe tomorrow. In the mean time here is a quick pic of him. Now onto Grandma!

I love when she is here.

She even brought me new big girl toys and some new kicks. She's the best...or so I thought...

Then she wanted to "play" outside and next thing you know I am like Cinderella...washing tables and junk. Nice...

Then we went for a walk. Only problem is Wanie needed help getting the wagon through the yard, so she made me GET OUT AND PUSH!!! Nice...

After such a big morning Wanie had Dad make a big breakfast for us so we could get started on our next big project...The Tree!

First thing Wanie says to do is fluff those branches. She was right, this is going to be tough work.

Then we needed to get the lights out. Mom needed to help me with this though. I am not allowed to play with electricity. If you have never sorted tree lights your not missing anything. I think Mom and Dad need to get one of those pre-lit fancy trees.

Grandma had me put on this hat to get into the Christmas spirit. I am so cool! Now for the fun stuff.

Now time to get to the real work. Gotta get those decorations on the tree. Get outta my way people.

AHHH, the perfect decoration...ELMO!!!!

AHHH...."FRAAAAGIIIIILLLEEE...Must be Italian!" Who doesn't love a leg lamp on Christmas?

And that brings me to this weeks poll...What is your favorite Christmas Movie of ALL-Time?


  1. I bet Bryan will be a meat head, just like his Uncle Matt. Lu, you should have seen what it was like for us growing up with your Grandma Wanie. She used to make us do more then fluff the tree! We had to stand in front of moving cattle, wash the station wagon when it wasn't even dirty and mop the floors. You have it good! :) See you tomorrow! PS - those new kicks of yours are a little LOUD.

  2. Lucy you sure have had a busy week! Have fun with Aunt Brooke today when she gets in and also with Bryan hopefully he will get to come home today and you get to meet him. Give Grandma Wannie a kiss from Corbin he is missing her he keeps asking me is Wannie coming home today. Can't wait to see pictures of you with your new baby brother.

  3. Lucy, I knew you would have something good to say about your brother. Meat head was a good one, they will get better as time goes by! Then when you are both out on your own you will miss each other and forget you were ever rivals! You will look forward to the times you get together. I speak from experience.