Sunday, September 6, 2009

Workin and Playin

So I missed last week...Sorry again. I was pretty busy with house projects for Dad and he didn't let me have to much free time. His favorite chair broke and he thought I should fix it. So I was like sure, I'll do what I am told.

First thing I did was go to Lowe's and check out my options for a replacement...

To soft!

Maybe a wood one?...Too Hard!

This one looks just right!

While we were shopping they had a bunch of scary Halloween decorations out. This creepy one was talking. No way was I letting mu guard down around her.

Then I got home and started to unpack the new "Throne." Not sure why he like this room so much. Outside of bath time not much to do here. not even a TV. Although, he said he's working on it!

One thing Dad says is that you gotta always make sure you have all the parts and don't forget anything. Use every screw and bolt, that's why they put it in there.

He also says to follow the directions. So I assembled it just as it said to.

Next it was time to put it all together. Just gotta tighten this one a little more.


Next it was off to the man room to help hang some pics that have been sitting around for a while. Now Dad isn't to good with tools so I had to show him what he would need for the job.
First you need a drill.
Then you need the level to make sure they are even.

Maybe the laser will be easier to work with.....

So after all this hard work we got have what Dad called "workin mans food" I think I like this working business!!! RIBS....YUMMY!

Then one day this week not was my friend Ashlyn here, but my cousin Megan stopped by. Mom said we needed a picture together. None of us were to into it because we had stuff to do.

Then came the opening weekend of college football. That can only mean one thing...OH! I told you earlier that Ashlyn and I love The Ohio State University and hate all things Michigan earlier. Now they weren't playing the school to the north, but it was the first game. So Dad and Keith and the whole family got together for the game.

Love cheering for the Bucks with the Family.
Me and Kev had maybe a little to much to, TV nap mode kicking in....

Everyone stop bothering me! This game is getting a little to close. Navy just scored and are going for the tie....:(

YES!!! The mighty Buckeyes stopped them and win the game! Everyone is happy and order is restored to the world....IO!!!!

I am glad to see everyone thinks I am going to kick some booty in my Fantasy league. For those of you who voted against me, I will find you! Sleep with one eye open!
With the BIG OSU vs. USC game this weekend coming up and Dad throwing a tailgate party, I thought I should poll my peeps on what is the best football food out there. Let me know what you think.
Lucy Sky...OUT!


  1. chickenwings! The hotter the better.Grandpa

  2. When you come in October, i have a whole list of home improvement projects you can do with uncle Keith since you are getting so good at helping your dad!!

    I have never seen cuter cheerleaders!

  3. This was the toughest vote yet. But I have to agree with grandpa and go with the chicken wings. Yes, the hotter the better.

    I am impressed by your picture with the ribs. Don't hold anything back, and make sure to clean em off real good.

    OSU is gonna need the cheering this week vs. a good USC team. Good luck.

  4. Lu - thank you for working so hard to fix the toilet seat. I REALLY appreciate it! We'll talk about the ribs later.


  5. Seriously, those two are the cutest little cheerleaders!!!