Saturday, October 31, 2009


Yes it has been a while since I posted. So to catch everyone up on what has been going on, a few weeks ago Mom was away at her women's retreat and Dad was in-charge. So he came in REAL early and said "wake up Lu, got lot's to do today!" I was like "Huh? What time is it?"

He said again "C'Mon get up let's go!" Again I was like..."Um, what time is it?"

Then he said "We are going out to breakfast, C'mon!" YES I thought, "WHOOO HOOO, PARTY TIME!"

So I got Dressed and we went to the Cracker place. Busy so we had to wait for a table. That was OK though since they had comfy rockers out front. I gotta get me one of these!

Then once we got seated and ordered we needed to kill some time. Dad thought we could just talk. Dad, don't embarrass me, that's not cool I thought. So quickly I looked around and I saw they had this really cool game about proving how smart you are. Gotta get the pegs down to one. I am pretty freaking smart!

Me and Dad..I love this guy!

Then this great food came out, but how can you eat when there is a cute boy sitting at the next table. Couldn't take my eyes off him. Dad abruptly paid the bill and we left. :(

Then afterwards we were out and he bought me a present. I feel pretty stupid right now, better get me one of those games again, quick!

The next weekend Mom was home and we decided as a family to go to Shamu's Halloween Spooktacular. The lamb outfit was why to hot so Dad got out another outfit for me. That's right, I'm a roman princess. TOGA, TOGA!!!

Now I don't know my way around SeaWorld to much yet, so a Couple times I needed to stop and ask for directions. This guy wasn't helpful at all.

Next we went to see a show about Halloween. It had ELMO! I love him!
Then my cool Dad said let's wait around after the show and we got to me Elmo! How cool is that?!?! OK, cool, but a little creepy at the same time.

Then I guess you are supposed to walk up to strangers and ask them for candy? What about all that talk about what to do if a stranger asks you if you want candy? I don't get it. Again, a little creepy.

Dad, maybe you should help me here, I am not asking them for anything by myself.
After tick or treating we got to meet another friend from TV...Abby Cadabby. She is also creepy. Not sure I am liking this holiday at all!

Now unlike where Mom and Dad are from up north, October is pretty hot. Like 15 days of 90 degree weather. So at the end of a hot sticky creepy night they let play in the fountains. That was a blast!

I was so impressed with my buddies from Sesame Street that this is what I decided to finally be for Halloween. La la, la la....La la, la la...Elmo's World!

I knew the ladies down at Publix were going to love this, and they did! SCORE big M&M cookie with frosting. Now that is how trick or treating should be.

So for the poll this week, what is YOUR favorite Halloween candy?
Stay tuned for next week! Dad is having surgery and I am going to be his nurse and care giver...


  1. I don't know how you find the time or the energy to do all those fun things Lucy! you look so cute in your elmo outfit with your red flip flops though.

  2. Just adorable. Thanks John for finally updating Lucy's view. We all love it back here in Indiana! Aunt Kathie