Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bubbles, Jets and a Little Moonwalking

So I was talking to Meat Head the other day and all of the sudden we heard this loud crash. He was like "Did anyone else hear that? Sounds scary!"

So Dad, myself and the rest of the gang ran outside to check it out and you wouldn't believe it...a big building fell out of the sky and landed upside down on another little building. I knew you wouldn't believe me, so here is a picture of what we saw when we walked up to it.

Now normally I wouldn't suggest walking into a situation like this, but what the heck. Once inside it was like the twilight zone! So we decided to jump right into the spinning time warp to see what we would find.

I think I got special powers from that thing. I can make lightning! That's cool!

Then there was this thing that used lasers to measure how tall you are. Yep, I'm still a peanut Dad said.

After that we went over to this thing about the Titanic. They had a pool of water chilled to the exact same temp it was that fateful night. Made me sad, but I stuck my hand in anyway to see for myself. BRRRRR.

Hmmmm, what is this thing?

Holy cow! It is a BIG bubble maker! I LOVE bubbles. This is the coolest thing ever!!!!!

Now that's a BIG bubble.

I think I was starting to get a little out of control...

This one might just set a record. Look out people!

Now apparently we have been touching to much stuff, so Mom made us sanitize.

Next they had a REAL bed of nails. My bro Kevin is so tough. Tough as nails that is!

This Mom and I swimming in the ocean and we were about to get eaten by a shark then he turned away at the very last second. Whew! It was SCARY!!!

So after that little escapade I decided I needed some music....Played by ME!

Mom grabbed me after that, guess what she wanted to do...Sanitize again.

Michael has got nothing on this moon walker.

Houston...we have a problem! I can't reach the controls.

So I wasn't ready for space travel yet, so Dad decided to teach me how to fly a fighter jet.

Maverick....who's dangerous now!?!?!

After that little test flight I took a stab at operating a robotic arm. I think I hear MIT calling... :)

Guess what Mom wanted to do next?....Like you don't know.

After all of that brain work I decided to cut a rug on the ole Dance Dance Revolution. Again Michael, you really wanna be starting something with me?

Then in the gift shop I decided to conquer Grandma's fear of snakes. This is nothing!

What a great day! I learned something and had fun at the same time. Well, gotta go start planning the Super Bowl party I am throwing this weekend. Since the mighty Browns are out I will be pulling for the Colts since my Mom is from Indiana. Go COLTS! So for this weeks poll, who do you think will win the big game...Colts or Saints? Later Peeps....


  1. Lu - I think you could of picked a more flattering picture of your brother.....

    I love your passion for adventure. I hope you never outgrow it!


  2. Kevin is super-brother laying on a bed of nails. WOW! You are so fun and cute, Lu!