Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Wheel of Death, Big Bird and Orange Groves!

Hey everyone! A happy belated New Year! Well since my Christmas post I have been very busy with more family in town and getting my 2010 off to a good start. One of my resolutions for 2010 was to be a good big sister to meat head. So everyday I make a good effort to hold him and show him how much I love him. I think I am off to a pretty good start.

I also have a few notes that I left out from when Grandma Wanie was here. One thing she did was buy me a really cool kitchen set for Christmas. It is bigger then me!!!

So my Dad used all his handy dandy tools to get the thing put together.

Before you know I was making some delicious food for everyone, just like Dad does. The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree I say.

Then just before Grandma left she decided to take me to see some of the special Christmas shows at SeaWorld with Dad. Here I am waiting patiently for this holiday extravaganza!

That Grandma, she is so excited, I think she is more interested in taking pictures than the upcoming show. Speaking of the show, she didn't even tell me what we were going to see.

Holy cow! It was the whole Sesame Street gang. Even Big Bird! I love those guys.

After the great show with Elmo and Abby Wanie said she wanted to do some other fun things with me. However, I hardly think the Wheel of Death constitutes a good time....

The thing kept spinning and spinning and she's like "Smile for the camera! Isn't this fun?!?!" I think she is losing it, really, I do. Do I look like I am having fun...

Then Uncle Matt and Aunt Manna came to town. They were not into the Wheel of Death isn't it fun thing. Nope, a little more my speed playing on slides n stuff.

Then I asked uncle Matt if we could do something else a little more exciting, like an adventure or something.

So he took me to that same spot with the wheel, however he was a little more tame. The Jazzy Jellies are pretty cool.

Next we went on Ocean Commotion. This was the perfect ride for someone my size. Thanks Uncle Matt!

Then Uncle Matt said he wanted to go do something with me that was "Real Florida" and not just a theme parks and tourist traps. So after much thought we decided to go out to an Orange Grove where they make good old Florida OJ!
Pretty cool place. They even let you pick out your own free sample of OJ or other juices. I think I'll take the original OJ please.

Mmmmm.....Good Idea Uncle Matt!

Then Uncle Matt took me on tour to show me how they make the stuff and the challenges of the citrus industry. You gotta keep the trees watered. They call that irrigation!

Then we went into the theatre to learn more. Mom and Meat Head joined us too. I don't think he was into as much as me though. I got farming in my blood, that's for sure!

Then Uncle Matt showed me the difference between Oranges and Grapefruits. Funny thing though...Where are the Pomello's?

Then we went outside and looked at the real things. Oranges right on the tree. This is so COOL!

I believe for being such a great student today I should get some sort of fun orange candy, doesn't everyone else? These look good!

While we were out looking around after the orange groves we came across this sign. Uncle Matt thought it was kinda funny for some reason.

As I looked at it, I thought, should I just be another person marching along to the beat of everyone rules?

NO WAY...I cannot be contained people!!! Not by some stinking sign or fear of alligator!

Mom got a little freaked out by that stunt she said, so they loaded me up, got some orange sucker and away we went.

All in all it was a GREAT time with Uncle Matt at the grove. I feel like we really learned something that day. We make a great team.

Alright peeps, 2009 is over. Now it it time for 2010 and a whole new set of adventures for Lucy Sky. SO this weeks poll is going to be about what kind of adventures you would like to see me on this year. Dad has some good ideas so please vote and watch for more updates on what were doing. It's going to be a big year!!!

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  1. Fun times with all your guests in 2009! Good thing there were no gators when you made a break for it. Who was watching you??