Thursday, April 29, 2010

He's my Dad and I still Love him!

You know how some people are connoisseur's in fancy stuff like art, fine wine and literature? Well my Dad, he's a connoisseur, but not exactly in what I would consider one of the more refined things in life...It's hot dogs people, that's right, I said it...HOT DOGS! I don't tell many people that, but I suppose getting it off my chest now will only save me money from therapy later.

So let me explain this. In Dad's home town there is a hot dog place called Tony Packo's. Anyone who has ever talked to my Dad has heard of it. He loves it. Only problem is you can only get it in stores up in Toledo and a few grocery stores here and there. Well, as it turns out, Old man Packo retired to a place in Florida called The Villages. He too missed his Hot Dogs and opened up shop and my Dad found out about it. So here in is my story.

As soon as he found out we had to go there for lunch....and take pictures of food. Hence...the dogs and emotional scar's for life:

Now if that isn't bad enough, he made me get up in the middle of the place to hold a menu with the logo on it just so he could take my picture with it. DAD..This is REALLY EMBARRASSING!

Then as if hot dogs are not bad enough for you and taking pictures of them isn't humiliating to any young child, he ordered fried pickles...and took pictures of those too.

So now I finally get to eat. YUMMM..this stuff is pretty good!

I enjoyed it so much that after lunch Ashlyn and I had to get up and start dancing. We love this place!

We'll this day was exhausting both physically and mentally.
Short blog this week I know, but I gotta get some rest for my annual Derby Party.
Later Peeps!


  1. You ate a fried pickle!!! I want to go too!

  2. Cute shoes Lucy! You have an extra hotdog for me since I can't eat them.